Basic PR Tips for Startups

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Public Relations (PR) is not among the favorite marketing tools of startups. Actually, many startups view it as an expensive method with unclear results. That is why, they neglect this unnecessary expenditure.

However, unlike traditional PR, today’s digital PR; has hundreds of analytics tools, can track user activity from a media placement to a website visit and enables accurate measurement of PR efforts. So, startups can better evaluate their results to make better decisions.

PR can provide unexpected benefits for startups in addition to act as an effective communication method. The right PR can help startups build user bases, increase sales potential and attract interest from venture capitalists etc.

What is PR?

PR is the acronym for public relations and is defined as; “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics” by The Public Relations Society of America. As a form of marketing, public relations uses publicity and nonpaid forms of promotion to positively influence people about a company, its products and services.

How can PR help startups?

PR can help startups build trust, create brand awareness, improve SEO results by increasing online visibility and contributes to sales by making it easier to reach out prospect customers.

Raising awareness

· Being covered on the media means reaching out more people.

· The more people talk about your company and products, the more you will be on the media again.

· This will create a snowball effect: more people-more media coverage opportunities vice versa.

· So, you will raise awareness of your startup, product or service.

Building trust


· helps you get press coverage which is seen more trustworthy than paid content.

· increases your chances to be reviewed by a journalist.

· helps you position yourself as a thought leader.

· establishes credibility for the reader.

· helps brands gain and keep customer trust.

 Increasing Online Visibility

· Qualified PR content means higher organic search results.

· According to Search Engine Watch, up to 64% of all website hits come from organic search.

· When you get covered by a big site, you can get a ton of exposure.

· With qualified PR content including online press releases and articles, you can increase the traffic of your website.

· Your online visibility raises accordingly.

· This will increase your chance to be seen by more people.

Increasing Sales Opportunities

· Increasing sales potential is a natural result of qualified PR efforts.

· The more coverage you get on the media, the more your awareness raises.

· When your awareness raises, you can reach more people.

· This increases your chances to convince them that your product is worth trying.

Basic PR Tips for Startups

Don’t ignore content quality

· Have a short, well-thought and to the point piece of content.

· Include attention-grabbing elements in your content.

· Don’t send copy-paste content that would never pull a journalist’s attention.

· Don’t limit yourself with traditional press releases, use different types of content like infographics, videos, etc.

· Prepare media kits that include useful elements like company profile, product description and related photos and videos.

 Speak the same language with journalists

· Identify your target media outlets and journalists.

· Use the power of social media not only to reach your target audience but also to reach the journalists.

· Consider your audience’s preferences while deciding on the media channels you will use.

· Know what is newsworthy and make your story exclusive to each journalist.

· Consider timing when sharing content with a journalist.

As a powerful marketing tool, PR can provide various benefits for startups and early-stage companies. With the right tactics, PR not only helps startups raise awareness, build trust and increase online visibility but also contributes to their growth by increasing sales opportunities.